[वीडियो] Samsung Curd Maestro ™: the world's first yogurt-free refrigerator


Samsung Curd Maestro  ™ is the world's first refrigerator which will not only keep food safe but also prepare it. For generations, curd has been an integral part of various Indian cuisines everywhere; But preparing yogurt has always been a complicated task. Samsung's 'Make for India' innovation Curd Maestro  ™ is a result of the company's deep understanding of the needs of Indian consumers acquired over the past several years, and solving the difficulties of making yogurt daily .

Curd Maestro  ™ Refrigerator ensures that you and your family are not interrupted by precious time; It takes curd in five to six hours – it takes five hours for soft curd, six hours for thick curd. Here you have to boil the milk and cool it down and add yogurt with your hands.

The National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) tested the yogurt making process at Samsung's Curd Maestro  ™ and recommended it Is.

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