13-year-old girl, pregnant with 10-year-old boy, reveals Lovestory in live show

<pre>13-year-old girl, pregnant with 10-year-old boy, reveals Lovestory in live show

Moscow. A 13-year-old girl has been pregnant by a 10-year-old boy in Siberia, Russia. Both children came to a live show in Russia with the permission of their parents and covered the whole story. Both children study in different schools. 13-year-old girl Daria and 10-year-old Evan were befriended a year ago. Daria has been pregnant for 8 weeks. He told on the TV show that a year ago he was met by a friend. From this, the two started dating each other.

The girl says that her mother is supporting her and her family is eagerly waiting for the child. According to Daria's mother, as soon as his daughter started showing signs of getting pregnant, he took him to the hospital. But the doctors did not know anything. The pregnancy kit later revealed that she was pregnant. Daria's mother also came on the TV show. He said that after getting pregnant, his daughter told the whole story of friendship with that 10-year-old boy.

Medical science claims that no 10-year-old boy can become a father. Local doctor Skorobogatov says that both children have the potential to become parents, but some doctors here are not ready to accept this and they are surprised how such a claim is being made. Family members say that people are talking about their daughter in different ways. It is known that one such incident happened in Britain in 2009. A 12-year-old boy claimed that he was going to be the father of his girlfriend's child. After this news, there was a ruckus in Britain. But after delivery, DNA test was done for the boy and child who did not match.

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