The rains punish the production of Santa Fe, Corrientes and Chaco

In a detailed report on the serious floods that affect the littoral and province of Buenos Aires, the Rural Society estimated that there are damages that are already irreparable. The rains are affecting the north of Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero, Corrientes and Chaco. And in the province of Buenos Aires about 300,000 hectares that encompass Saladillo, Las Flores, General Villegas and Daireaux.

The president of the Rural, Daniel Pelegrina said: “The information that comes to us is worrying. We are confident that local and national authorities will take rapid measures to alleviate the consequences of this phenomenon, “he sent as a message to the Government.

According to the survey of Rural in the north of Santa Fe is very complicated by the excess water that affects more than 300,000 hectares. The most flooded departments are 9 de Julio and Vera. Water also threatens San Cristóbal, San Justo and San Javier, on the Paraná side.

The ruralistas called a meeting so that the emergency declaration will impact in the fall of 2020, which is “when the consequences of today’s disaster will be seen”. They will also press for exemptions, tax deferrals and postponement of payment of interest-free loans.

And for July 9 and the General Obligado “Zone of Disaster will be directly requested. All the summer crops are destroyed, 100% of cotton and sunflower, lost and you can not make soy or corn, “they said.

“All this is aggravated by the delay in the works of canalization of the water that comes down from Chaco and Santiago del Estero.

In Corrientes rained more than 300 millimeters in the last 36 hours, and is expected to fall in the coming days between 180 and 200 mm more, which would bring more problems. The south of the province is the most affected, with several isolated localities. There are productive damages and they are mobilizing the hacienda, to higher fields, especially due to the danger of electrical storms. Producers warn that if rainfall continues, rice fields may collapse and affect production.

As for the province of Buenos Aires because of the storms there are many fields without light in the area of ​​General Villegas. In Henderson, the water excesses of these last rains caused the low ones to be collapsed. Last week it rained 220 mm in Las Flores. They are low fields that also receive water from the Las Flores stream. “There are cut roads and poor and poor maintenance make an intolerable combo,” says Rural. “You have to replant soybeans and corn second but it’s already late and the situation is complicated,” they say. In the area of ​​La Colorada, frosts are expected. As if that were not enough, in Indio Rico, Pringles and Tres Arroyos a tornado passed that caused major damage.

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