24-year-old lecturer burnt alive in the encounter said, our law has become impotent

<pre>24-year-old lecturer burnt alive in the encounter said, our law has become impotent

Mumbai. Regarding the death of a 24-year-old lecturer alive in Hinganghat, Maharashtra, 'Saamana' has said that our law has become impotent. In the editorial of Shiv Sena's main paper Saamana it has been said that the whole country was shaken by the Nirbhaya case. There is a provision of death penalty for such accused, but this kind of mindset still exists in our society. Can also be hanged in rape case but how many crimes like Hinganghat have been given death sentence?
"The date of execution in the Nirbhaya case was also fixed in Saamna.

The noose was also ready but the culprits could not be hanged till now." Despite the President's mercy petition turned down by the President, his lawyers are running all the legal bets. According to the editorial, a girl was burnt after being gang-raped by a girl in Hyderabad recently. After this, the accused of this heinous crime were killed in the action of Hyderabad Police. Like every time, some so-called humanists tried to point fingers at the action. But this police action was welcomed from all over the country.

It said that, despite being punished, it takes time for the rapists to legally execute that thing, it is now beyond the stamina of the society. Due to this, now the rapists get 'punishment' just like Hyderabad Police, such a public sentiment has become. Famous actor Makarand Anaspure has expressed such a request to the judiciary and the central government, not to come on the citizens in the Hinganghat case due to support of Hyderabad Police. Saamana states that the Hinganghat case will be tried in a fast track court, but what is the solution and the final result? Will they be hanged?

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