26 new words including Aadhaar, rice, marriage in Oxford Dictionary

<pre>26 new words including Aadhaar, rice, marriage in Oxford Dictionary

New Delhi. The Aadhar card, the original document of the identity of the Indian common man, has been included in the Oxford Dictionary. The Oxford Dictionary has included 26 words including marriage, strike, Aadhaar, dibba. Like every year, the Oxford Dictionary has given some Hindi words a place in the English dictionary.

In its new edition, some such popular Hindi words have been included which are used in both English and Hindi speaking countries. People usually do. Such as Aadhaar, Chawl, Bin, Strike and Marriage. The tenth edition of this dictionary has been launched on Friday. The 10th edition of the Oxford Dictionary contains 384 Indian English words and more than 1000 new words. Like chatbots, fake news and microplastics. In addition, the new version has new words like aunt, bus stand, deemed university, FIR, non-wedge redressal, tube light, wedge, and videograph.

Also the online edition includes four words like current, looter, looting and subzilla. . According to Oxford University Press (OUP), attention is always paid to the change of languages ​​in the dictionary. Also, it is tried to include words in the new version which are relevant and also updated over time. The 10th edition of the Oxford Dictionary includes 384 Indian English words and over 1000 new words.

The new edition of the dictionary comes with attractive interactive online support available on the Oxford Learners website and app. In this new version, in addition to the advanced feature equipped with audio-video tutorial on its website, video walkthrough, self study activities and other tools have been included. OUP's Managing Director (Education Division) Fatima Dada said, "This edition includes 26 new Indian English words, 22 of which will appear in the Prefecture Dictionary."

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