6 convicts of 2002 Gujarat riots reached Indore, expressed desire to farm

<pre>6 convicts of 2002 Gujarat riots reached Indore, expressed desire to farm

Supreme Court granted bail to 15 accused with condition of community service

Indore. In 2002, six convicts reached Indore for community service in a case related to the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat. Please tell that in the case related to the massacre of 23 people, these convicts were sentenced to life imprisonment by the court. All of them got bail from the Supreme Court on the condition that they have to do social service in Madhya Pradesh. The convicts have expressed their desire to do farming.

Dilip Patel (65), Jayendra Kumar Patel (64), Praveen Patel (61), Vijay Patel (51), Suryakant Patel (convicted in the rioting case on Monday) 50) and Dharmesh Patel (41) reached Indore. District Legal Aid Officer Subhash Chaudhary said that the culprits have expressed their wish that they were farmers and they do not have any other work other than farming. Preparations are being made to lease 5-10 bighas of land to get them cultivated. ”

The court sentenced 15 convicts to life imprisonment in the case of massacre of 23 people in Od town of Anand district of Gujarat. Chaudhary said that the convict was in jail for seven years. We are also looking at whether they can be included in spiritual activities as well. In this, community service is also being considered in temples and gurudwaras. Earlier, for community service, DLSA had prepared the convicts for daily work in Old Age Homes and Hospitals such as cleaning floors and laundry in laundry.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court SA Bobde, Justice B. . On January 28, a three-member bench of Gavai and Justice Suryakant granted conditional bail to 15 convicts. The court said that they would not be allowed to enter Gujarat. Along with this, they will have to do community service while living in two cities of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur and Indore. The court has divided the 15 convicts into two groups. These convicts will also have to appear daily in the concerned police station.

The Supreme Court bench had said that 15 convicts will not live together in Indore and Jabalpur. According to Bell's condition, the culprits will have to do six hours of community service in a week. Along with this, the culprits will also have to handover the certificate to the concerned District Legal Services Authority (DLSA). The Supreme Court bench has asked the MP State Legal Services Authority to submit its report after three months. This report has to tell whether the convicts followed the conditions during the bail period.

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