6 months imprisonment to the owner of the priest, in the case of check dishonor, ordered compensation of 3:50 lakh

<pre>6 months imprisonment to the owner of the priest, in the case of check dishonor, ordered compensation of 3:50 lakh

Udaipur. In the case of non-borrowing and return of check dishonor, the Special Judge has punished the principal restaurant owner of the city with a monetary penalty of three lakh fifty thousand rupees and sentenced to simple imprisonment for 6 months.

According to the case priest The owner of the cafe, accused Ganesh Nagar Pahad resident Nandkishore son Pannalal Purohit, MB College Govindpura resident Kamaljit Singh son Joginder Singh S In case of necessity in his business from B, he received a cash loan of ₹ 2.5 lakh and the payment of the said amount, the accused Nand Kishore Purohit gave two checks of one and a half lakh and one lakh Kulia amount of two and a half lakh rupees to the complainant Kanwaljit Singh. The branch Delhi Gate Udaipur under his signature paid and assured Kanwaljeet that he would receive this amount when this check is presented in the bank. Agi.

When the complainant Kanwaljeet presented both the said checks at the stated time of the accused Nandkishore to get the amount in his bank, both the checks were returned to the complainant Kavaljit Singh with endorsement of insufficient amount from the accused's bank. . The complainant Kanwaljit Singh, through his advocate, gave time to pay the amount by sending notice to the accused Nandkishore but the accused Nandkishore neither returned the amount within the stipulated time nor did any contact with the complainant.

Through his advocate, a case of dishonor of check was registered against the accused in the court of Special Judge NI Act. Advocate Anil Chaudhary, appearing for the complainant, vindicated his complaint on which Special Judge No. 4 held Nandkishore Purohit, the owner of Purohit Kaise, guilty of check dishonor and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment in this offense and ₹ 3, Punished with monetary penalty of 50,000, the court ordered the accused to face additional imprisonment of 1 month for not depositing the compensation amount. Advocate Anil Chaudhary was represented on behalf of the complainant while advocate for the accused was Sanjay Kothari.

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