A study by the organization Save Life Foundation has revealed, truckers pay bribe of 48 thousand crores

<pre>A study by the organization Save Life Foundation has revealed, truckers pay bribe of 48 thousand crores

New Delhi. A detailed study report was released about the conditions under which truck drivers have to work in the entire country including Delhi-NCR and the kind of mental and physical pressure and stress they have to face. This study by Save Life Foundation, an organization working in the field of road safety and transport, has revealed many surprising things.

The study showed that truck drivers have to pay bribe of Rs 47,852 crore annually. , So that they can go ahead with the truck. These include people from state highway authorities, people from traffic police and RTOs and people from tax collecting agencies, as well as local goons and other criminal elements. This amount is usually borne by the truck owner or the trucker and it has become a major source of corruption.

84% bribed in Delhi-NCR

Surveyed truck drivers It is said that due to bad road conditions and corruption, the profession of truck driving is very challenging. According to an estimate in the survey it is said that currently, in this profession, a bribe of Rs 47,852.28 crore is given every year. In Delhi NCR, 84 percent of truck drivers have agreed to bribe traffic police officers, while in the country the figure is 67 percent. Most truck drivers said they felt unsafe on the road, with very few saying that they themselves drive unsafe. On violating the rules, he said that he goes out by paying bribe. Nearly 49 percent of respondents admitted that they paid bribes if they did not comply with the load rules.

53% of drivers not satisfied with the profession

In a study by the Save Life Foundation, 53 percent found that vehicles. Chahak is not satisfied with his profession. Due to this irregular income, harassment by officers and irregular hours of working are prominent. Health problems and social security are also the reasons for drivers' dissatisfaction. Almost all the drivers involved in the survey say that they drive about 50 hours a day. Of this, 50 percent of the drivers are those who drive vehicles continuously whether they are tired or sleepy. One in five drivers surveyed admitted that they consumed drugs while driving. Kolkata has the highest number of such drivers. After this, in Kanpur and Delhi-NCR, most vehicles drive using drugs. Half of the drivers in these three cities have confirmed that they drive vehicles with drugs.

Survey in 10 cities of the country

The survey was done by Save Life Foundation in collaboration with Mahindra & Mahindra. More than 1200 truck drivers and 100 fleet honors have participated in this survey. The survey has been carried out in 10 major transport centers of the country – Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Kanpur and Vijayawada.

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