Abhishek Bachchan collaborated for "Magic Bus" organization

<pre>Abhishek Bachchan collaborated for "Magic Bus" organization

Mumbai. In a auditorium in Los Angeles, A Bhishek Bachchan has earned money for the institution of "I like bus". Also encouraged the children and appealed to all the guests present there to help this institution. In some people's lives, this institution is nothing less than a magical ride. The event was attended by three children Parvati, Alisha and Sarvanan from Mumbai's slum.

He told how the magic bus changed his life. Alisha told how she wanted to play football but she did not get a chance anywhere. Then someone told him about the magic bus and today he is a regular player of football. At the same time, Sarwanan, who came from Mumbai, could get only 100-150 rupees a day. With this small amount, he was filling his and his family's stomachs. He was also supported by Magic Bus.

Today he is working in a good company. Meanwhile, Parvati, who arrived from Mumbai, told how she was able to move forward due to this institution. Meanwhile, Mathieu said that in 1999 he founded this institution and today about 10 lakh children are associated with this institution. Mathew lives in Mumbai. He told that during his rugby practice match, he found some children who looked at him with great ardor. Matthew thought of teaching them and this is where his journey to Magic Bus began.

The journey gradually grew and Matthew decided to bring this institution to America. Please tell that Amit Bhandari, who is the founder of Bio-Energy, started the USA chapter of this magic bus. First, a group of only 40-50 people collected about 50 thousand dollars. Amit Bhandari, Google's Shri Ram and Mathew have given a new height to Magic Bus today. Abhishek Bachchan and his wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have given their full support to this institution.

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