Admission in medical college with fake certificate, MP STF registered three more FIRs

<pre>Admission in medical college with fake certificate, MP STF registered three more FIRs

Bhopal. The genie of the famous Mahaghotala Vyapam (Vocational Examination Board) of the state is not giving up. Three more FIRs have been registered by the Madhya Pradesh Special Task Force (MP STF) recently. All the three accused are accused of taking fake native certificates and taking admission in the medical college from the state quota. So far, out of 10 FIRs for admission in state quota, five have been from Rewa and Sidhi.

On the basis of this, the STF suspects that a gang that got admission in the state quota in medical colleges about ten years ago is either Rewa or Sidhi operated. Was not happening STF has started its investigation in this direction.Stf ADG Ashok Awasthi while giving information in a press conference yesterday said that Shiv Singh, who got admission in medical college from state quota in PMT 2009, in medical college from state quota in PMT 2010 Cases have been registered against Pankaj Kumar Singh and Sunil Sonkar, who have gained admission, for cheating and creating fraudulent documents.

Shiv Singh and Sunil Sonkar Native certificate was made from Tayantar Tehsil of Rewa. Pankaj Kumar had prepared a native certificate from Padra in Rewa district. STF SP Rajesh Singh Bhadoria told that prima facie the original certificate has not been found to be issued from Tyanthar and Padra. The STF ADG has said that 13 FIRs have been filed in the investigation of 197 old complaints so far. Out of these, ten FIRs have to be admitted to the medical college through PMT in state quota with fake native proof.

These include Seema Patel from Sagar native proof, Gwalior native proof Vikas Agarwal, Morena's origin. Sitaram Sharma from Resident Proof, Saurabh Sachan from Native Proof of Shahdol and Benazir Shah Farrukhi from Native Proof of Rewa and Native Proof from Sidhi Vipin Kumar Singh episode. There are allegations of passing the entrance and recruitment examinations with the help of three FIR Munna brothers.

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