Advocate SP Singh refuses to plead guilty Pawan, court adjourns hearing till Thursday

<pre>Advocate SP Singh refuses to plead guilty Pawan, court adjourns hearing till Thursday

Hearing of postponement of hearing Nirbhaya's mother

New Delhi. Following the order of the Supreme Court, the family of Nirbhaya appealed to the Patiala House Court to issue a new death warrant. Hearing this, the court gave a strong rebuke to the father of convict Pawan Gupta. Actually, Pawan Gupta's lawyer AP Singh refused to lobby. No other lawyer reached the court on Wednesday. The judge said that the one-week term of the High Court is over. We have to do everything fast. On this Pawan's father said that he should be given 2 days time so that a new lawyer can do it. To this, the court said that you can be taken near water, but cannot be forced to drink water.

The court said that it is our responsibility to give you legal help, but if you prolong the case Doing this to pull, then the court will not give you time. The court asked Pawan's father to choose a lawyer of his choice from the list there. Convicted Pawan's father said that he will bring a lawyer there tomorrow. The government lawyer told the court that Pawan's father has given in writing that he does not want legal help. To this, the judge said that Pawan is an adult, his father cannot take a decision on his behalf.

The judge asked AP Singh what is the provision of the law to date which prevents the issuance of death warrant? AP Singh said that I have filed a petition in the Supreme Court on behalf of Vinay, which is still pending. At the same time, Mukesh's lawyer Vrinda Grover said that nothing is pending till date. After this, the court can issue a new death warrant. The judge asked that if a petition is filed in the Supreme Court, it can be kept in the pending category? The convicts Brinda Grover said that I do not have the Supreme Court rule yet. Nirbhaya's lawyer Seema Kushwaha said that the High Court had given seven days, but the convicts did not file any plea in those seven days, so the court should issue a new death warrant today.

To this, Nirbhaya's lawyer said The time has also passed on February 11, in which the High Court had asked to file a petition, after this it is just a way to prolong the case. The judge said that the question is still there that it is necessary to give legal aid to the guilty Pawan. After this, the court has postponed the hearing till Thursday. The court said that the hearing on the death warrant will be held on Thursday.

Nirbhaya's mother started crying after hearing. They say that the guilty are avoiding their hanging every day by making a new excuse. Nirbhaya's demand, with both hands folded, told the judge that I have been circling the court for many years for justice. Today the court should issue a death warrant. Nirbhaya's father also said in court that giving him a lawyer on today's date will not be justice with Nirbhaya.

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