Ananya Pandey shot for 23 hours in a row

<pre>Ananya Pandey shot for 23 hours in a row

It is reported that actress Ananya Pandey has shot for 23 hours continuously for her upcoming film 'Khali Yellow'. If sources are to be believed, “Ananya is embroiled between the shoot and other projects. During the shooting of 'Khali Yellow' recently, he started shooting at eight in the morning and continued shooting till morning the next day. He shot for 23 consecutive hours for the film. ”The film‘ Khali Pili ’directed by Parvez Sheikh also stars Ishaan Khattar. The source added, "Ananya's schedule is very busy, but despite this, none of her projects are being affected. She is shooting for the sequence of songs, is joining the program, is busy reading scripts for upcoming 2020 films. She may start shooting some of those films in late February. "

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