Asim Riaz proposes Himanshi in film style

<pre>Asim Riaz proposes Himanshi in film style

Mumbai. Punjabi singer Himanshi Khurana was proposed by Asim Riaz, contestant of "Big Boss 13", which appeared to film Himanshi. It was told that Himanshi has come into connection with Asim Riaz in view of a task in Big Boss's house. Actually, Aseem expressed his feelings towards Himanshi and proposed Himanshi on his knees.

However, Himanshi was hesitant to express his feelings towards Asim. At the same time, Himanshi told Rashmi that Asim's feelings are strong for him, his strong feelings are not for Asim. In a video, Rashmi told Himanshi that Asim loves her very much, but she does not love him that much. To this, Himanshi said, "Feelings are natural, if someone develops feelings for me then why am I being held responsible for this?" To this Rashmi said that "the way both of you look together , Exactly like boyfriend-girlfriends.

This friendship is not there. "Apart from this, Himanshi said that a lot of things were learned when he was removed from Big Boss last month. Actually, when I went out, I came to know many things. I have to clarify them. I was very clear, but some people close to Asim told me not to accept it. On this Rashmi said that you do not make friends, absolutely you have feelings for her. Le Qin, Himanshi said that "Asim expressed feelings, but he seemed very filmy."

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