Bhima App had to pay 3 rupees heavily, Ministry of Defense personnel cleared 50 thousand rupees account

<pre>Bhima App had to pay 3 rupees heavily, Ministry of Defense personnel cleared 50 thousand rupees account

New Delhi. In the era of online people, it is considered safe to do small and big transactions with the app, but a defense ministry official found it very expensive to pay three rupees from UPI app Bhima. As soon as the victim of cyber criminals paid a small amount of three rupees, 50 thousand rupees were cleared from his bank account. Police Tilak Marg Police has started an FIR in this regard by investigating the FIR.

Bhanu Prakash Singh, a victim of cyber fraud, filed FIR No. 21 on January 21, 2020, under Tilak Marg police station under Section-420. 4 is recorded. However, the incident took place on 18 January. According to the FIR, the victim has registered the address at Raksha Bhawan on Man Singh Road. Since the Ministry of Defense has become a victim of cyber thugs, the New Delhi District Police has been hiding the entire matter from the media for four-five days.

According to the FIR's Majmoon, the victim had a courier on 11 January 2020 in Visakhapatnam The packet was sent. The courier did not arrive at the destination in due time. Meanwhile, on January 18, someone made a phone call to his mobile from an unknown number. The unknown person told Bhanu that his address is not updated. According to her, Bhanu told the address. According to the FIR, as soon as the address was updated, the stranger who called the phone sent a link and asked Bhanu to pay three rupees by clicking on it.

Bhanu sent a payment of three rupees from the Bhima app. With this, at half past five in the afternoon, five thousand two times, 15 thousand rupees at one time and 25 thousand rupees were withdrawn from his account at the last time. Suddenly seeing 50 thousand rupees coming out of the account mysteriously, the victim got suspicious. By then it was late. The victim, who lost 50 thousand rupees from the bank account, also talked to the bank. The victim did not get any satisfactory reply from the Gopalapatnam (Visakhapatnam) branch of State Bank of India.

Then after 2-3 days, the victim reached the Tilak Marg police station in New Delhi to register an FIR. According to the FIR, the victims are currently associated with the National Defense College. In this regard, no official statement has been issued by New Delhi District DCP Dr. Ish Singhal and Delhi Police Spokesman Mandeep Singh Randhawa or Additional Spokesperson Anil Mittal even after several days of the incident. According to Tilak Marg police station sources, the cyber fraud case is related to the person associated with the Ministry of Defense. Therefore, the Delhi Police is avoiding bringing the matter to the media's attention.

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