Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Supreme Court order to increase relief and rehabilitation expenses

<pre>Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Supreme Court order to increase relief and rehabilitation expenses

New Delhi. In a petition filed on January 28, 2010 in the Bhopal gas tragedy case in 1984, the Supreme Court bench of 5 judges has directed the Central and State Government to increase relief and rehabilitation expenses. After the incident, thousands of people struggled for years for relief and rehab. Around 16,000 people died in Bhopal on the night of 2-3 December 1984. In the history of India, it is known as Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

The accident occurred due to leakage of poisonous gas in Union Carbide factory. When everyone was sleeping in their homes. The leak was so fast that it caught a large part in no time. People started having problems in breathing, difficulty in burning eyes, etc. Thousands of people had come in its grip. By the morning, where news of death of people started coming. Due to inability to breathe, there were dead bodies of people along with cattle on the streets. No one was able to understand why all this is happening. Many agencies also have different opinions about the number of people killed during this period. The then government of Madhya Pradesh had confirmed the death of 3787 people, while their number had reached 16 thousand unofficially. It was hit by five lakh people.

The factory's operator, Warren Anderson, was made the main accused for the negligence in the deaths due to the poisonous gas of the Union Carbide factory. Immediately after the accident, he escaped from India overnight. For years, efforts were made to bring that India, but failure was at hand. He died on 29 September 2014.

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