Big Bash – Two catches: One Alex misses the other Alex catches 'Catch of millennium'

<pre>Big Bash - Two catches: One Alex misses the other Alex catches 'Catch of millennium'

New Delhi. Sometimes the efforts of the players in the game become memorable. One such moment was seen in a very interesting match in the Big Bash League (BBL) on Friday. This match played between Hobart Hurricanes and Sydney Thunders in Hobart had two similar catches. However, the players who caught him were different and the result varied as well.

The first catch was by Alastair Wright, whom Alex Ross could not catch, but the second catch was by David Miller, whom Alex Hales had roped in. I was successful in jumping and jumping. Gurinder Sandhu was doing the 5th over of Hobart's innings. The second ball of the over was flicked by Mac Alister Wright (64) at square leg. The ball was going towards the boundary line as fielder Australian Alex Ross came running fast and caught the ball, but he could not control himself and started going outside the boundary line. Before he went out of the boundary, he bounced the ball inward and dived into the air to catch himself, but could not catch it.

A similar catch of the 13th over. Also seen on the 5th ball. This time the bowlers were Arun Nair and batsman David Miller (6). Miller's catch caught by England's Alex Hales. Heels went out of the boundary after catching a catch, but bounced the ball inward. After that, he caught the catch by diving back. Everyone was surprised by his catch.

The video of both the catches has been shared on the official Twitter of Big Bash League. While BBL wrote the catch of Alex Ross – Alex Ross was very close to taking the Millennium Cache, he wrote on the catch of Hales – Ross failed, but Hales did it. Both these videos are seeing tremendous response from fans. Hobart scored 185 runs in the match. In response, the Sydney Thunders team could score 128 runs after losing all wickets.

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