Bollywood actress Sejal who commits suicide in Mumbai cremated in Udaipur

<pre>Bollywood actress Sejal who commits suicide in Mumbai cremated in Udaipur

Udaipur. 'Dil To Happy Hai Ji' fame actress, model and promising daughter of Udaipur, Sejal Sharma was cremated at the cremation ground in Rani Road on Saturday. On the death of Sejal, the parents and family were unable to believe it and were in bad shape. Sejal's body was brought to Udaipur at 9 am on Saturday. Significantly, in the early hours of Friday, Sejal committed suicide in a flat in Mumbai.

Parents say that Sejal had no shortage of work in Mumbai and was never financially troubled. Sejal lived in the Royal Nest Building located at Shivar Garden in Mumbai and was actively working in film industries for five years. Her mother Sandhya Sharma and father K.K. Sharma said that in the last five years, he did not face any kind of problems and achieved all the achievements on his own strength. Currently, she was living in a flat with a young woman from Udaipur. Father KK Sharma told that on Friday night everyone saw the Big Boss and after eating food went to their respective rooms and slept. Her friend, who lives near Sejal's room, ran for screaming at around four in the morning. He saw that Sejal was hanging from the fan. He made a noise, at which others came and called the police.

The police took him to the hospital where the doctors declared him dead. His partner living in Sejal's flat immediately informed Sejal's father in Udaipur. Father KK Sharma told that Sejal's friend just said on the phone that you come to Mumbai as soon as possible, Sejal's health is bad. When the father left Udaipur immediately and went to Mumbai, he came to know of Sejal committing suicide. After a post-mortem of the body, he left for Udaipur from Mumbai on Friday evening and reached Udaipur at around 9 am on Saturday.

A large number of relatives, relatives and friends had gathered outside Sejal's house. As soon as the dead body came in, the patience of the parents broke and they started crying bitterly. Relatives handled both of them in some way. Both were trying to raise their daughter once again by going to them. Seeing this, the eyes of other relatives present there also spilled. After a lot of effort, the relatives took over both and preparations were made for the funeral according to Hindu customs. Her last visit from Sejal's house in the afternoon, which reached the crematorium ghat at Rani Road and the last rites were performed in a warm atmosphere. During this time his father's condition was deteriorating and he could not believe it till the end. Relatives were also handling them here.

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