Boss injured by rape, woman was severely punished by strangulation

<pre>Boss injured by rape, woman was severely punished by strangulation

People's anger erupted in Indonesia against Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia. If you are robbing a woman's body, then what will she do there? Isn't the right to self-defense a human right? This is probably not the case in Saudi Arabia's Islamic law. Due to this, only the woman who opposed the rape was hanged. There too, by cutting the throat on the road in public. This woman's fault was so much that she attacked her raping boss. The injured boss later died. This woman was from Indonesia. The anger of the people in Indonesia has erupted against Saudi Arabia.

Tuti Tursilwati, mother of a child, was hanged in the city of Taif in Mecca Province. However, neither the Indonesian woman's family nor the embassy there were informed earlier. After this, protests against Saudi Arabia have started in many areas of Indonesia. The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has sounded outright to Saudi Foreign Minister Adal Al Zubair. He telephoned and asked Zubair why his country was not informed before the execution.

Four Indonesians have been hanged in Saudi Arabia in the last three years. Even before this, Indonesia was not informed before such ruthless punishment. The Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia has been summoned. The Indonesian advocacy group Migrant Care said in September that Tuti Tursilavati attacked the boss to escape the rape. The Member of the Indonesian Parliament, Abidin Fikri, said that Saudi Arabia's monarchy completely ignored human rights. One should think hundred times before taking the right to live. Just a week before the hanging, Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Al Jubair held talks with Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi and Widodo in Jakarta.

Its agenda focused on the dealings with immigrant Indonesians. Morsudi insisted that any citizen of his country should be informed before he is hanged. At the same time, Amnesty International has said that Saudi Arabia has spoiled diplomatic relations by hanging. Islamic Sharia law is in force in Saudi Arabia and there are stringent punishment provisions for crimes. Women's rights have been kept very limited in these, for which Saudi Arabia has been criticized internationally.

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