Burari Part-2 in Bhajanpura, Delhi, found dead bodies of 5 people belonging to the same family, dead

<pre>Burari Part-2 in Bhajanpura, Delhi, found dead bodies of 5 people belonging to the same family, dead

Police reported that no suicide note was found

New Delhi. On Wednesday, in Bhajanpura area of ​​Delhi, there was a stir after the bodies of 5 people of the same house were found. This incident reminded the people of the Burari incident in July 2018. At the same time, the bodies of 11 people of the family were found in the same house in Burari case. At present, no cause of death has been revealed in the Bhajanpura case. At the same time, after some time in the case of Burari, it was revealed that this family was in contact with a tantric and was in a circle of tantra-mantra. The question is whether Bhajanpura's family was also in a tantric affair? Initially it seems as if Burari Part-2 is repeated in Bhajanpura.

According to the police, the bodies of 5 people belonging to the same family were found in Bhagipura's Gully No-11 who were lying in the house for several days. . Those who died included husband and wife and 3 children. The heads of the family, Shambhunath (43 years old) and his wife Sunita (38 years old), besides the bodies of their three children, have been found in the house. He was from Supaul district of Bihar. Police said that Shambhunath used to sell juice in Bhajanpura itself, but for the last about one year, he started running a battery rickshaw. There was no problem in her family and neither was the economic situation bad.

According to the police, upon finding out from the school, it was found that daughter Komal had last gone to school on 3 February. Blood was scattered inside the house. The main gate was locked, the back door was also there. The neighbors called the police at 11.30 am. His complaint was that some of the house smelled. Then the police came and broke the door. When the door opened, the police and the people present there were blown away. There were not one but five whole bodies. According to the information received, the bodies were rotting. Currently, he has been sent for post mortem. Police have not received any suicide note from the house at present.

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