Can not refuse to give insurance on delay in information

<pre>Can not refuse to give insurance on delay in information

New Delhi. The Supreme Court, in an important judgment, said that in case of theft of vehicle, delay in reporting the information to the insurance company cannot be the basis for denying the claim. The decision was upheld by a bench of justices NV Ramana, BR Gavai and RS Reddy asking whether an insurance claim could be denied if the vehicle theft was reported late, that too, when the FIR Has been registered immediately. The bench said that the first priority of a man is to file an FIR for theft when the vehicle is charized.

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He also wants to help the police in finding the stolen vehicle. The registration of the FIR in relation to the theft and the final report of the police on not finding the vehicle after its investigation is a sure proof that the vehicle has been stolen. Not only this, the surveyor posted by the insurance company is also expected to check whether the claimant's claim about Cheari is genuine or not. If the survey finds that the claim of theft is genuine and an FIR was made about it immediately, then in our opinion this is the ultimate proof of vehicle theft. After this, nothing else is needed. In such a case, the claim cannot be denied.

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