CBSE said, students and their parents ignore the rumors

<pre>CBSE said, students and their parents ignore the rumors

New Delhi. The Central Board of Secondary Education has warned of 'mischievous' elements spreading rumors about the upcoming board exam. With this, CBSE has advised students and their parents not to worry at all. CBSE said that some mischievous elements are spreading rumors about board exams by posting videos on social media websites.

The Board of Education said that the purpose of such videos is to create fear among students, parents, school and public. . CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi said, "Mischievous elements are warned to keep themselves away from illegal activities like spreading rumors." If any such information comes in the knowledge of CBSE then action will be taken as per the law immediately.

Anurag Tripathi said that CBSE has appealed to the general public to cooperate in the good completion of the examination and any Do not spread such rumors. Also, do not believe in baseless information. Let us know that the CBSE Class 12 examination will begin on February 15 and will end on March 30. Class 10 exam will start on 15 February and will run till 20 March.

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