China will launch its 'Duck Army' to battle 60 billion locusts

<pre>China will launch its 'Duck Army' to battle 60 billion locusts

Beijing. For the first time in the last 60 years, China has adopted a unique way to face the attack of desert locusts. After clearing of crops in many countries of Africa and Asia, grasshoppers are now moving towards India Pakistan, China. To fight the army of these locusts, China is going to field its one lakh Duck Force. Locusts have created terror on Pakistan's 9 lakh hectare land. Leader of farmers of Sindh, Zahid Bhurgauri, says that 40% of the crop has been destroyed due to locust attack. Crops of wheat, cotton and tomato have been destroyed. Pakistan's locusts struggling with flour have increased the problem manifold. Pakistan has to seek India's help to win in this war of locusts.

Many districts of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab are affected by locust terror. Locusts continue to wreak havoc on farmers' crops in Rajasthan. Locusts have damaged crops of at least 3.6 lakh hectares in 10 districts of western Rajasthan. In many districts, more than half of the crops have been wasted and farmers are seen to be helpless in front of them. Locusts in Sriganganagar district have destroyed 75 percent of the crop standing in the fields. Many farmers have reported that this time the damage and attack of locusts is very dangerous and the biggest so far.

Locusts are causing heavy damage to wheat, barley, mustard, cumin and many other crops. According to Shyam Somra of Bikaner district, grasshoppers are not eating whole plants but are chewing flowers, due to which the crop is completely destroyed. According to the Agriculture Ministry, as soon as the monsoon arrives in June 2020, there will be an attack of locusts in the 2 lakh square meat desert area of ​​India. These locusts will come from the southeastern part of Iran, southwest Pakistan and the African peninsula Horn of Africa. This attack may be on a larger scale than before. ”

China has sent its 'Duck Force' to the border to deal with the locust crisis. This Chinese force includes one lakh ducks. Actually, ducks are 'biological weapons' in a way. Although the risk of locust attack on China is low due to the Himalayas, China is leaving no stone unturned in its preparation. Not only this, the use of duck for the eradication of locusts is also better than the environment. Experts believe that a duck can eat up to 200 locusts per day.

Testing will begin in China's western Xinjiang province before the ducks are sent to Pakistan to protect them from attack. It is being told that an army of 360 billion locusts has entered Saudi Arabia via Pakistan and India after ruining East Africa. Ducks and chickens will be reared in China's Xinjiang province. According to experts, a duck can liberate an area of ​​4 square meters from locust terror.

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