China's Benning launched its electric scooter Aura in the Indian market

<pre>China's Benning launched its electric scooter Aura in the Indian market

New Delhi. China's electric vehicle maker Benling has launched its Aura e-scooter in the Indian market. This Benling scooter costs 99,000 rupees (on-road, Bangalore). This scooter is equipped with many high-tech features. This scooter comes with a detachable battery. This Benli scooter gives a range of 60-70 km. This Benling scooter comes with a retro style design similar to the Vespa.

The scooter comes with rounded headlamps, mirrors and minimalistic front apron. The scooter has a flat seat. The e-scooter comes with a USB charging port. Apart from this, the Fully Digital Instrument cluster has been given in the Aura e-scooter. Many high-tech features have also been given in this scooter. The Aura is equipped with features like key-start, anti theft alarm and rear wheel locking system.

This scooter has a 2,500 volt electric BLDC motor that is powered by a 72 V / 40Ah lithium ion battery. It can be fully charged in four hours. The scooter has a top speed of 65 km with a range of 60-70 km (120 km according to the company). Disc scooters have been provided for both wheels in this scooter, as well as reverse parking assistance is also available in this scooter. Apart from this, the breakdown smart assistance feature has also been given in the scooter. This causes the scooter to restart in the event of a break down and the rider can drive it at low speed.

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