Christina returns after spending 11 months in space station

<pre>Christina returns after spending 11 months in space station

Almati. Scientist Christina Cook of the US space agency NASA returned to Earth safely after spending nearly 11 months on the International Space Station (ISS). Her mission in space is the longest mission of any woman. The coach returned to the earth at 9.12 am on Thursday. He spent 328 days in space. He was accompanied by Luca Parimetano of the European Space Agency and Alexander Skovortsov of the Russian Space Agency.

In the video of the landing site by space agency Roskosmos, Cook is seen smiling as he exits the module. Cook left Earth on March 14 last year. He said that I am very overwhelmed and happy right now. Michigan-born engineer Cook is 41 years old. On December 28 last year, a woman broke a record of 289 days in a single space flight by Cook. The record was made by Peggy Whitson of NASA in 2016–17.

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