Corona: 15 more deaths in China, 400 new cases


India said – send back our 250 students

Beijing / New Delhi. Starting from China, the corona virus that has spread to more than 10 countries has killed 15 more. According to the Health Commission of China, all the deaths occurred in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which is the center of infection. 400 new infectious patients were affected on Saturday.

Corona virus has killed 41 people so far and about 1300 are infected. The condition of 237 of these is said to be very bad. Apart from this, 1,965 people have been kept under observation as suspected patients. At the same time, India asked China to allow more than 250 Indian students stranded in Wuhan, the corona virus stronghold.

China stopped traffic to new cities on Saturday, after which 5.6 crore people from 18 cities here They have been imprisoned in their homes, their movement has stopped. In cities like Wuhan, where restrictions were already imposed, they have been tightened. All types of traffic have also been banned since midnight.

Roads connecting these cities to the highway have been closed. In some areas, supply trucks and buses have been allowed to travel on the prescribed route. However, this has increased problems for the citizens. A pregnant woman asked the Chinese government on social media that the delivery date was near, did she walk to the hospital?

While Wuhan's administration claimed that it is providing necessary facilities in hospitals, which are lacking is. 40 more army doctors have been deployed in the closed cities, so far 450 army doctors have been engaged in this work. Items received as donations from abroad have been exempted from tax.

In China, 34 infected have been found in Beijing. At the same time, a target has been set to build a 1 thousand bed hospital in China in 10 days, in which the laborers working are being given three times the wages ($ 173 per day). At the same time a campaign has been started to identify the infected people across the country.

Under this, investigations are being done in trains, buses and planes. In addition, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam announced a virus emergency on Saturday. They canceled all programs for China's mainland, stopping flights and trains between Wuhan and Hong Kong.

The UK government and health department have been alerted with the arrival of the corona virus in Europe. In Britain, this virus has been confirmed in just one person. After this, the UK government has stepped up the search for two thousand people who have returned to the UK from Wuhan in the last two weeks.

The Chief Medical Officer of England told that now a person Michael Hope (45) who is an art teacher, has virus confirmation. Hui, who returned from Wuhan on Sunday. In France, three people suffering from this disease are being treated. Similarly, it has been confirmed in three patients in Australia who are undergoing treatment. Among them is a Chinese citizen. It has been confirmed in two people in America as well.

700 Indian students studying in Wuhan University and other institutes of Hubei are still stuck there. The Indian Embassy is in touch with Indians. At the same time, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Saturday discussed with the officials about the new mysterious coronavirus in PMO and its preventive measures in India. He told that seven people who had returned from China have been kept under observation.

Their samples have been sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune for investigation. He also spoke to the CM of Uttarakhand and assured all kind cooperation for screening of patients from the border with Nepal. According to the Ministry of Health, no patient confirmation has been done in India so far. At the same time samples of this virus can be tested in 10 labs of Medical Research Council along with NIV.

Allow 250 Indian students to leave Wuhan China

India told China, Corona virus strongholds Allow more than 250 Indian students stranded in Vuan to leave. It is being told that about 700 Indian students are studying in different universities of Wuhan and its surrounding areas. Most of them are medical students. Some students managed to leave Wuhan before being sealed on 23 January.

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