Corona havoc – Death toll reached 2844 in China, Iran is the second most affected country

<pre>Corona havoc - Death toll reached 2844 in China, Iran is the second most affected country

Beijing. The deadly corona virus in China now seems to be getting a bit less, where the death toll from the deadly virus has been recorded at 29. This number is the lowest in recent weeks. With this, the number of people who died of Corona virus in the country has increased to 2844 while the number of confirmed cases has increased to 78,497. China's National Health Commission (NHC) said that on Wednesday, 433 new cases of corona virus infection were reported and 29 people died. Among the dead were 26 people from Hubei, the virus's epicenter, and its capital, Wuhan.

Outside China, the Corona virus has the highest impact in Iran. Corona virus has killed 26 people in Iran, in which seven people died within 24 hours. Health Ministry spokesman Kianosh Jahanpor told a press conference that 106 more cases of the virus have been confirmed, increasing the number of victims to 245. It is the most affected country after China by Corona virus. In view of the outbreak of Corona virus in Iran, Pakistan canceled all flights to there on Thursday. At the same time, the authorities have started investigating hundreds of people who arrived from Tehran. Pakistan has already closed ground and rail contacts with Iran for fear of infection. Joint Aviation Secretary Abdul Sattar Khokhar said, "The aviation department has decided to stop all direct flights between Pakistan and Iran from midnight of 27–28 February until the next notice."

Saudi Arabia has released the corona virus Fear has stopped giving visas for 'Umrah' pilgrimage to Islam's holiest site. The World Health Organization said on Thursday that the threat of corona virus is at a 'critical point' and appealed to affected countries to take 'swift action' to control the disease. WHO chief Tedros Ghebreyes told reporters in Geneva, "We have reached a decisive point."

"What happens in the rest of the world?" It has been our biggest concern about it. 'So far 60 cases of corona virus have been reported in America. Pope Francis in the Vatican City amidst the threat of the Corona virus traditionally celebrated the Ash Wednesday tradition held on the first day of the Catholic Church of Lenton. Other prayer meetings in northern Italy were canceled. Francis and a large number of clergy, bishops and cardinals took out a grand procession from Aventine Hill to the fifth-century Santa Sabina Basilica. Neither the priests nor the devotees put on masks. The number of people infected with the Corona virus in Italy has exceeded 440.

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