Corona Outbreak: 2 More Deaths, 6 Deaths In The Country So Far, First In Patna And Second In Maharashtra.


In Mumbai (Mumbai), an elderly man of 63 years and in Patna, 38 man broke the dam

Mumbai (Mumbai). A 65-year-old elderly person infected with the virus has died in Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai (Mumbai) during treatment due to the fast growing cases of corona infection in the country. This is the second case of death after infection with corona. Apart from Mumbai (Mumbai), a 38-year-old man has also died due to infection in Patna, Bihar. With these two cases recently reported, a total of 6 people have died in the country so far from Corona.

In Mumbai (Mumbai), first on 16 March, also found Corona positive at Kasturba Gandhi Hospital in Mumbai (Mumbai) A man who had gone was killed. According to officials, the person who lost his life on Sunday was admitted to a private hospital in Mumbai (Mumbai) on March 19. The patient admitted to the hospital on March 19 also had problems with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. He was in critical condition since 19 March and breathed his last at around 11 pm on March 21.

It is being told that he was having trouble breathing since Saturday. Earlier, on March 16, a 64-year-old man died in Kasturba Gandhi Hospital in Mumbai (Mumbai). It is being told that no foreign travel information has been found in the travel history of the man who lost his life on Saturday. Officials say that the person who died on March 16, his family came back to Mumbai (Mumbai) from Dubai. Other members of this family are still being treated at Kasturba Gandhi Hospital.

The number has increased to 324 with over 60 new cases of Corona virus infection in India. To prevent this, public curfew has been called from 7 am to 9 pm today. On the other hand, 263 Indians trapped in Italy, currently suffering from Corona virus, have been brought back to the country today.


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