Corona outbreak: Government lifts ban on export of surgical masks, ban on N-95 masks

<pre>Corona outbreak: Government lifts ban on export of surgical masks, ban on N-95 masks

New Delhi. Due to the outbreak of Corona virus, the Government of India has removed surgical masks and gloves from the list of banned export items. The central government had banned the export of all types of masks last month in view of the growing threat of the corono virus. The government prohibited the export of masks as well as clothing and equipment necessary for personal protection with immediate effect.

Actually these masks protect the person from micro particles spread in the air. After the outbreak of Corona virus in China, the government took this step in view of the possibility of increasing demand for such products in the country. More than 700 people have died in China due to the deadly corona virus. Demand for such products has increased due to the outbreak of Corona virus. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) notification states, 'Items like surgical masks / disposable masks and all gloves except NBR gloves are being freely allowed for export.' It also stated that personal protection The export ban on protection masks like the N-95 masks required for the present will continue.

Know that those who died of corona virus in China Passenger numbers had increased the went to 811, while confirming its 37,198 cases. The virus, which started from Wuhan city in China in December last year, has spread to many countries of the world. About 10 cases of corona virus have been confirmed in 14 countries of the world. It has 7 cases in United Arab Emirates, 6 in Canada, 3 cases including 1 death in Philippines, 3 cases in United Kingdom, India and Italy. All three cases have been reported in India in Kerala. All three had returned from China. Apart from this, 2 cases have been reported in Russia and one each in Belgium, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Spain, Cambodia and Finland.

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