Corona virus: Chinese delegation canceled trip to Auto Expo

<pre>Corona virus: Chinese delegation canceled trip to Auto Expo

New Delhi. Delegations of several Chinese companies coming to the Auto Expo due to Corona virus have canceled their trip. At the same time, many Indian airlines including China have also canceled all flights from 1 to 20 February. About 20 percent of the pavilions at the Auto Expo have been booked by Chinese companies. In such a situation, many representatives of Chinese auto companies will not be able to attend the expo.

One representative says that the ticket for the auto expo was booked three months in advance, but the flight was canceled due to virus. However, not all companies are withdrawing their participation from Auto Expo. A large number of workers of these companies have already arrived a month to make pavilions and arrangements. At the same time, personnel and officers present in countries like Europe, America, Australia and Africa have been sent to Greater Noida. Deputy Director General Siam Sugato Sen said that the Government of India and Siam have taken precautions at every level.

Preparations are underway to make the Expo a success. All agencies are alert. The fear of the corona virus pervades the auto expo. The security personnel have been instructed by their agencies to stay away from Chinese citizens and talk. At the same time, take special care to wear masks while doing duty. A large number of security personnel are to be deployed at the Auto Expo. From now on, all security personnel have been instructed to wear masks. Also, if an employee shows fever or other symptoms, then be informed immediately.

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