Cricketers who experience fatigue don't play IPL: Kapil

<pre>Cricketers who experience fatigue don't play IPL: Kapil

Mumbai. Former captain of the Indian cricket team Kapil Dev has said that any players who are playing continuously and are experiencing fatigue, they should not play the IPL. Recently, many players including captain Virat Kohli, Lokesh Rahul had said that their fitness and sports are being affected due to the busy schedule. In view of this, Kapil said that players who experience fatigue can leave the IPL.

This former captain said, "If you feel tired then do not play IPL. You are not representing your country in the IPL. So if you feel that you are tired then you can always take a break during the IPL. At the same time, when you are representing your country, then there should be a different feeling. ”

He said that when players are playing for their country, they need to give their best and should not compromise But it is seen that nowadays players are putting more energy into playing franchise based cricket. This great all-rounder admitted that he also felt tired when he played.

He said, when you keep playing in a series and feel tired when you are not scoring or wickets. Not taking it but when you do it, you never get tired. You take 7 wickets and bowl 20–30 overs a day. ”Improved performance always provides a positive energy and does not make us feel tired.

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