Delhi election results: Shaheen Bagh stays away from victory celebration, performed silently

<pre>Delhi election results: Shaheen Bagh stays away from victory celebration, performed silently

New Delhi. There is a festive atmosphere in many parts of the capital, with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) getting a strong majority in the Delhi election results, but the protesters of Shaheen Bagh, who were opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), remained silent. Like Voting Day, peaceful protests continue on the protest site on Counting Day. The protesters of Shaheen Bagh are sitting silent on the protest venue today, ie on February 11.

Placards and posters in the hands of the protesters are written on them – silent demonstration against the brutality of Delhi Police. The protesters say that on Monday, they are protesting for the whole day against the use of force of Delhi Police in Jamia and Tughlakabad. No program of any kind will be conducted from the stage of the mic and the speaker. The protesters are peacefully protesting against the atrocities. They are wearing a black band around the mouth. He says that we are calm but not weak.

The protesters of Shaheen Bagh, who are sitting on the road against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), have been claiming that their performance is not political which will end with the election. The protesters say that we will continue to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act against the Constitution. Let us know that on the day of voting in Delhi i.e. on February 8, the protesters in Shaheen Bagh did not use the speaker throughout the day so that there is no disturbance of any kind in voting. Even today, the protesters of Shaheen Bagh are holding silent demonstrations.

After voting in Shaheen Bagh, the protesters said that we have voted not on the basis of religion and Hindu-Muslim but on the issue of development. Let us know that in Shaheen Bagh, which comes in Okhla Assembly constituency, women have been sitting against the CAA for 24 hours i.e., day and night protest. During the campaign for the Delhi Assembly elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party has also been surrounded by the Aam Aadmi Party over this issue. However, seeing the results, it seems that this strategy of the party did not work.

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