Delhi Police's statement after 4 days, security of Sharad Pawar's residence not removed

<pre>Delhi Police's statement after 4 days, security of Sharad Pawar's residence not removed

New Delhi. After the removal of the security of the official residence of National Congress Party chief and former Union Minister Sharad Pawar in New Delhi, the Delhi Police has issued a statement. Delhi Police has said that the security of Sharad Pawar's residence in Delhi has not been removed. Police said that adequate personnel of Delhi Police are posted at their residence as per rules.

For the past several days, the matter of removing security from NCP President Sharad Pawar's official residence in New Delhi has been hot. The Shiv Sena along with the NCP leaders targeted the central government on the issue of removing security. The Shiv Sena, in particular, was very vocal and attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party government over it. Even Sena Rajya Sabha member and senior leader Sanjay Raut had called the removal of security a shocking decision.

Sanjay Raut attacked the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party government at the Center, saying that PM Narendra Modi knows this That Sharad Pawar is a senior leader and he has faced the danger many times. Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut said that Sharad Pawar has been attacked before. Earlier, the security of the interim president of Congress Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi was removed and now the security of Sharad Pawar Saheb has been reduced, which is a very serious thing. While, Water Resources Minister Jayant Patil in the Maharashtra government has protected the residence of Sharad Pawar. The loss has been linked to not being able to form the BJP government in Maharashtra.
The National Congress Party alleged that the Delhi Police security personnel posted at Sharad Pawar's Delhi were suddenly removed from January 20.

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