Estimates from the Meteorological Department increased the concern of farmers

<pre>Estimates from the Meteorological Department increased the concern of farmers

Ahmedabad. The meteorological estimate has raised the concern of the farmers of the state. There is a possibility of rain in Saurashtra on 27 and 28 January due to cyclonic circulation. According to Meteorological Director Jayant Sarkar, on January 27, Rajkot, Porbandar and Dwarka may receive unseasonal rains. Whereas, on January 28, Vadodara is expected to receive unseasonal rains. The Meteorological Department has also predicted relief from the cold. Today the minimum temperature has increased by 3 degrees as compared to yesterday, due to which the proof of cold has decreased in the state. According to the Meteorological Department, due to increase in minimum and maximum temperature, the cold will reduce. Today, the coldest in the state was felt in Kutch naliya. Where the minimum temperature was 10.4 degrees. At the same time, Ahmedabad recorded a minimum temperature of 12.5 degrees, 14 degrees in Vadodara, 16 degrees in Rajkot, 14.3 degrees in Bhuj and 11.6 degrees in Gandhinagar, which is three degrees higher than yesterday.

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