Film-style robbery on Yamuna expressway, punctured vehicle and targeted

<pre>Film-style robbery on Yamuna expressway, punctured vehicle and targeted

Mathura. The Yogi government of UP is talking about making roads, highways and flyovers. But the traffic will be accessible to the people only when it is safe to pass through those paths. In the coming days, some such incident comes to the fore from many areas of Uttar Pradesh, due to which questions are started on the police administration and the government. The latest incident is the Yamuna Expressway near Mathura.

Two criminals have committed a road holdup incident on the Yamuna Expressway under Bajna police station in Mathura district. Actually, the criminals threw the road and sharp objects first. So that the tires of the car get punctured or the vehicle stops somehow. Later, half a dozen miscreants looted the cash and goods from them.

The interesting aspect of this incident is that the same Mathura DM's car was also blocked on this road. But the criminals probably canceled the plan to rob the policeman seeing the gunman. In such a situation, the question arises that if the DM complained to the police about this incident, then what is the reason that it was ignored. Or the District Magistrate did not pay attention to such a serious subject. However, soon after receiving information about the robbery incident by two other passengers, the SSP went to the spot to investigate closely and ordered other officials to investigate the incident.

According to police, the robbery incident occurred with two passengers. One passenger was from Kanpur while the other was from Agra. He told that as soon as the passenger gets out of changing the tire after the tire is punctured, the miscreants attacked from behind and attack them and loot them. , In which the indictment has been registered. All aspects are being investigated. Detailed information on the matter will be given soon. He told that criminals have carried out two incidents. One incident is about half past eleven and the second incident is around 2 pm.

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