First suspected case of corona virus in Ahmedabad

<pre>First suspected case of corona virus in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad. The suspected case of Corona Varayas, who caused a furore in China, has surfaced in Ahmedabad. The woman, who returned from Thailand, has been admitted to Ahmedabad's Civil Hospital after finding suspected signs of the virus.

There is worldwide panic over the Corona virus wreaking havoc in China. The Corona virus has so far swallowed more than 400 people in China. Corona virus, leaving out of China, is not being decided in other countries. Medical examination is being done for people coming from all over the country including Gujarat. If any person has suspected symptoms of corona virus, it is being treated by entering it in the isolation ward. A 28-year-old woman from Ahmedabad has recently returned from a trip to Thailand and has been admitted to a civil hospital after she was found to have symptoms of the corona virus.

After complaining of cough, fever and cough, the family took her to a private hospital. Had filed But the doctors of the hospital advised him to take him to the civil hospital. After which the woman was admitted to the civil hospital. The woman is being treated in the Isolation Ward of the hospital.

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