Former minister Surendra Patwa sentenced to 6 months, fined


Bhopal. The MP-MLA special court of Bhopal district court sentenced former BJP minister and MLA Surendra Patwa to six months. This punishment has been heard in four different cases of check bounce and non-refund of the amount taken from another.

The court has also imposed a fine of Rs 45 lakh on Patwa. However, the special court has also granted bail to Patwa in all four cases. While the court has also given 30 days time for Patwa to appeal in the High Court by giving bail of Rs 50,000 each. There is a case of not returning the money borrowed from people with a check bounce. The first case is of Sanjay Jain of Indore. It is being told that Patwa had borrowed Rs 9 lakh from Sanjay Jain for his business. For this borrowing, Patwa gave a check of nine lakhs to Jain. Similarly, Patwa gave a check in lieu of Rs. 2.5 lakh from Sarika Jain of Indore. While 6 and a half lakhs from Maya Jain, resident of Indore, then borrowed five lakh rupees from Anita Mittal of Indore. However, when this amount could not be given to the patwa, then all these people filed a case against the patwa in court. In four cases, the court has asked to pay a fine of one and a half times its amount of Rs 45 lakh in lieu of the check amount of Rs 30 lakh. With the punishment, Patwa will now have to pay a fine of Rs 45 lakh.

Punishment has already been done

This is not the first case. Even before this, the court has sentenced Surendra Patwa. On December 19 last year, the court imposed a fine of Rs 30 lakh on Surendra Patwa in two other cases of check bounce. Also, at that time, Patwa was also sentenced to six months.

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