Gaurav Chandel Massacre: Due to negligence, few moments were killed

<pre>Gaurav Chandel Massacre: Due to negligence, few moments were killed

Noida. The negligence of a few seconds became the cause of a merciless death in the murder of Gaurav Chandel in Greater Noida West on the night of 6-7 January. A few steps away from home, standing on the roadside in the dark of night became the main reason for the murder of Gaurav Chandel. If Gaurav had not stopped himself on the road and was seen talking on his mobile, he would have reached home safely and the miscreants would not have got the opportunity to 'rob or kill' him. Gaurav's alleged killer Umesh Pandit and his sister-in-law i.e. the wife of Ashu Jat, the absconding gangster of the Mirchi gang.

If the story of the revelations made by Hapur police is to be believed, Ashu Jat brother Umesh Pandit and wife on the night of the incident Along with it was passing near Parthla Chowk in Greater Noida West. At the same time, Gaurav Chandel was seen talking on the mobile between Parthala Chowk and Kisan Chowk in the dark of night on the roadside. On seeing the new car and Gaurav Chandel alone, Ashi Jat, the leader of the Mirchi gang, turned the auto suddenly on the service road, where Gaurav Chandel, standing on the roadside, was talking on mobile.

During the sudden planning of looting, Ashu Jat Ki Bibi was sitting in the auto. The punk Umesh Pandit asked Gaurav Chandel for the car key. Gaurav refuses to give the car keys. The same thing started to be abused between Umesh and Gaurav. Gaurav Chandel was unaware that the men and women (Mirchi Gag kingpin Ashu Jat) sitting a short distance away in the nearby auto are also Umesh's companions. Completely unaware of the situation and angry with the rogue Umesh forcibly grabbing the key of the car, Gaurav Chandel breaks (Umesh) on him.

When fellow miscreant Umesh was caught in the auto by the miscreant Ashu Jat, he caught him in the grip of Gaurav Chandel. Also reached the spot. Even after this, the Umesh crook could not redeem himself from the strong hold of Gaurav Chandel. So seeing fellow crooks trapped, Ashu Jat shot Gaurav Chandel's head from behind. Gaurav Chandel died after being shot in the head. Ashu Jat escaped from Gaurav Chandel's car with fellow miscreants Umesh Pandit and Bibi. According to a Hapur police official, "A lot of things will be revealed only after the arrest of Ashu Jat.

Yes, so far from what Ashu Jat's wife and her captured partner, the scoundrel Umesh, has told. It is coming that, if Gaurav Chandel could not have seen him talking in the dark of night, on the deserted road, Gaurav might have been alive today. At the same time, Gaurav, who is completely ignorant of the reality of the sudden tragedy, could not even recognize that Umesh the crook is not alone. The woman sitting in the nearby auto and the man accompanying her is not an ordinary person, but the dreaded crook of the Mirchi gang is Ashu Jat. So perhaps Gaurav Chandel does not make the mistake of confronting Umesh alone and unarmed. Even if the car looted. At least life was saved.

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