Good news – 23 lakh youth got jobs in November-2019

<pre>Good news - 23 lakh youth got jobs in November-2019

New Delhi. There is now a good news between the economic slowdown in the country and the increasing unemployment of youth. According to the government data, about 23 lakh new people have got jobs in the formal sector in November. Does this mean that the economic slowdown is going away? Information from EPF, ESI and NPS According to the report of the Ministry of Statistics, in the month of November, about 23 lakh 47 thousand 649 people got jobs in the formal sector.

Information about new jobs based on new registration in three social security schemes See you at According to the data, 8,67,963 people have joined the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) in the month of November. 14 lakh 33 thousand people are involved in the State Insurance Scheme (ESI) and 46 thousand 686 people are associated with the National Pension Scheme. Since April 2018, the government releases reports every month of how many people have been employed in the formal sector. Counting of how many people are employed is done on the basis of NPS, ESI and NPS subscriptions. If more than 20 employees work in an institution, then EPF becomes necessary. Facility of ESI is necessary for all employees if there are more than 10 employees. National Pension Scheme can include any Indian, whose age is between 18-60.

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