Government approved Rs 857 crore for Delhi's security under Delhi Safe City Project: Amit Shah

<pre>Government approved Rs 857 crore for Delhi's security under Delhi Safe City Project: Amit Shah

Home Minister presides over 73rd Foundation Day Parade ceremony of Delhi Police

New Delhi. Union Home Minister Amit Shah presided over the Delhi Police Establishment Day parade ceremony in New Delhi today. On this occasion, he presented medals to the officers of Delhi Police for their outstanding service. Not only the Police of the country but the capital of Delhi, the Police of Delhi is the only police station, due to which the whole country gets inspired by it ”, the Home Minister said.

Home Minister congratulates Delhi Police on 73rd Foundation Day Having said that when we look at the role of the Delhi Police in the security of Delhi and the country, it is known that the Delhi Police is the head of the metropolitan police forces not only of India but of the entire world. Ensures its place in Qui, which is a matter of pride for the whole country. He said that it is also a matter of pride for the Delhi Police that it was established by Iron Man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, whose role is unique in making the whole country unbroken. Remembering Sardar Patel's statement, Shah said that the police should always keep in mind that it is their ultimate duty to keep the citizens safe from miscreants without causing any provocation. He said that we are proud of the fact that Delhi Police has always cherished this lesson of Sardar Patel.

Mr. Shah said that since the inception, as many national festivals were celebrated in the capital of the country till date, presidents of various nations Come to Delhi, Delhi Police has always successfully conducted all these programs without any lapse. This is the reason that no matter how big a function or national festival is held in the capital, till date the country has remained relaxed and left the responsibility of Delhi Police on its shoulders, he said. Reiterating the point of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Shah said that every citizen should keep in mind that the police is for our safety and it is not only right to criticize or target the miscreants, but it is necessary to understand his work. He said that the police do the work of maintaining peace and security in the country without looking at any religion or caste and also helps in times of need. Police is nobody's enemy, police is the friend of peace and order, so it should always be respected.

The Home Minister said that every citizen should listen carefully to those who criticize the police and make sarcastic comments on them, but It is also important to note that after India's independence, more than 35000 soldiers have made the supreme sacrifice to maintain the country's security and law and order. Mr. Shah said that when a common citizen celebrates the festival, the police discharges their duties instead of celebrating the festival. That is why respect for the police is very important in the heart of every citizen of the country. He said that in honor of the martyrdom of these 35000 soldiers, Prime Minister Modi has established the National Police Memorial in the heart of Delhi, which puts before us the proud saga of the ultimate sacrifice of these soldiers. Appealing to the citizens of the country, the Home Minister said that whenever he comes to Delhi, he must visit this memorial, which will be the ultimate tribute to the sacrifice of the soldiers on his behalf.

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