GST registration block of hundreds of traders of MP / Cg, Custom-Central Excise Department tightens

<pre>GST registration block of hundreds of traders of MP / Cg, Custom-Central Excise Department tightens

Bhopal. Registrations of hundreds of tainted businessmen have been blocked in Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh. This action has been taken by the Custom-Central Excise Department as soon as the GST Act is amended. Names of a large number of businessmen have appeared in MP-Chg. These traders have taken credit input of crores of rupees by putting up fake companies and bills. The department is now preparing to recover the entire amount along with the fine from them. Departmental sources said that after the implementation of GST in many states of the country including MP-Chg, traders on the basis of fake documents, credit input of crores of rupees from the government

The department's intelligence wing Directorate General of Goods and Service Tax Intelligence (DGGSTI), GST and Revenue Intelligence In the name of export and credit input, many cases of huge amount of money have been disclosed from the government. Recently amended the GST Act, Section 86 has been started, under which the first strict action in MP-Chg will be done. Three hundred businessmen blocked their business by blocking GST registration.

After this shocking case, the department ran all its officers and anti-eviction wing in the office. More directed to the ground. The intelligence wing of the department has also been activated in investigating suspected cases. Recently, the MP unit of GST and DGGSTI disclosed the case of fraud of Rs 40 crore by disclosing fake frauds in the name of credit input in many states. People from many states including Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Delhi were found involved in this. He made crores of rupees through fake bogus and bogus bills.

This game was going on in the name of commission in this racket. In this regard, Vinod Kumar Saxena, Chief Commissioner of Custom-Central Excise and GST in MP-Chhag said that GSTNs of traders taking input credit have been blocked in fake form. The number of such people in both the states is about a quarter to three hundred. Shockage notices are being issued initially for the recovery of seven crores rupees.

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