Hackers resorting to courier company stealing money, hackers stealing money from fake emails and SMS

<pre>Hackers resorting to courier company stealing money, hackers stealing money from fake emails and SMS

New Delhi. Hackers are now resorting to courier companies to steal money from your bank account. Hackers send fake SMS or email to the user for courier delivery and tracking. Hackers address users by their names in these emails so that users do not suspect this fake email or message. In appearance, this email looks like a message from FedEx or another popular courier service company.

This fake email or message contains the tracking code of the courier with the user's name. To set up courier tracking and delivery preferences, hackers tell their victims to click on the URL link provided with this fake message. Clicking on this link, the user is redirected to the Malicious (virus infected) website. This Malaysian website demands users' personal and banking details. Users unaware of the fraud happening with them, share their details on the website and with this help, hackers try to steal money from the bank account. This is exactly the same as a phishing attack.

Finishing is considered to be the oldest and most effective way of hacking in which hackers can access the username, password as well as the banking details of the user by creating duplicate versions of a famous website. On one hand, while hackers are using big names like FedEx for forgery, users need to understand that no courier company asks for payment or any kind of details by sending SMS or email. If this happens to you at any time, immediately complain about it on the customer care number given on the website of the courier company.

One of the biggest courier companies in the world, FedEx issued an advisory saying, 'FedEx anytime Does not demand payment or personal details for the parcel contained in transit or company custody by fake email or message. These fraudulent messages or emails should be deleted immediately without opening and report to the company to alert them. '

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