Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas died at the age of 103

<pre>Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas died at the age of 103

1949 Film Champion-turned-International Star

Los Angeles. Kirk Douglas, the father of Oscar-winning artist Michael Douglas and Legendary star of Hollywood, died at the age of 103. Kirk Douglas' son Michael Douglas reported his death on Instagram and wrote an emotional post saying that even though he was a legend for the world, he was my father. Apart from the artist, Kirk Douglas, who was a popular producer, director and writer, ruled Hollywood for 6 decades and played many memorable roles besides 'Spartacus', 'Champion', 'S in the Hole' and 'Detective Story'. The 1949 film Champion made Kirk Douglas an international star. His performance in the film was well received.

Kirk received his first nomination for an Oscar within 3 years of making his debut. After this, he received a nomination for 3 more Academy Awards. Kirk was awarded the Oscar Award for Life Time Achievement. Kirk was also a famous writer. He wrote 10 books. In 1991 and 1996, two fatal incidents occurred with Kirk Douglas, in which he narrowly survived. His helicopter crashed in 1991, then Kirk suffered a heart stroke in 1996, after which he turned his attention to spirituality. Kirk Douglas lived with another wife until her last days. He was the only surviving star of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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