If the protesters come in an organized manner, the government is ready to talk: Prasad

<pre>If the protesters come in an organized manner, the government is ready to talk: Prasad

New Delhi. Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad made it clear to a group of Muslim leaders that he would be ready to talk to the protesters of Shaheen Bagh if there was any request for an organized dialogue. Prasad said this during a debate on the revised citizenship law (CAA) with a group of Muslim leaders. The Law Minister was asked why no central government representative went to the Shaheen Bagh protesters to listen to their demands. On this, Prasad said, "I am listening to you today, but can anyone say that the people performing in Shaheen Bagh represent the entire community?" If they want that the representative of the Center should speak to them, then come to the government in an organized manner, the government is ready to talk about it. Has been collected, Prasad said, "I do not think such a comment about Muslim women is appropriate." People should speak with respect to women and children, but I also want to say that all the news that we are getting from Shaheen Bagh is not good. Prasad said- can a few hundred people suppress the voice of thousands, whose shops are closed and children are not able to go to school? He has the right to protest but some of his leaders are saying that no talks will take place until the CAA is withdrawn.

The Law Minister said that the 'amended citizenship law does not apply to any Indian citizen. . Secondly, CAA neither gives citizenship to any Indian nor does it take citizenship. I want to make the Muslims of India very clear here. This law applies to persecuted minorities based on religion in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. He said that this country belongs to Hindus as much as it is to Muslims. I want to say this with full commitment. Our thinking on CAA is quite clear. Whoever has confusion about this law, we are ready for discussion.

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