Imran's new move after mouth eating, appeal for Kashmiris to unite on February 5

<pre>Imran's new move after mouth eating, appeal for Kashmiris to unite on February 5

Islamabad. After feeding Pakistan on the global forums on the issue of Kashmir, now PM Imran Khan also expresses his frustration and disappointment on the tweet. In a tweet, he has appealed to Pakistanis across the world to unite on 5 February. Let it be known that 6 months of the abolition of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir will be completed on February 5.

Imran Khan, while describing the Modi government as a fascist, tweeted, 'I want Pakistan at home (watan) and abroad On 5 February, unite in support of 80 lakh Kashmiris. Those (Kashmiris) are being pressed into the fascist power of Modi for the last six months by 9 lakh Indian soldiers. ”In the past too, Imran Khan has called upon the citizens of his country to mobilize in support of Kashmiris. [19659002] During an interview on the sidelines of the World Economic Conference held in Davos, Switzerland, PM Imran was badly engulfed. While he was teasing the Muslims of Kashmir and India, the anchor asked him questions on Uygar Muslims. When Imran wanted to cut down on this question, the anchor said straight away that you do not want to know about Uygar Muslims because you have economic relations with China.

Imran himself not getting international cooperation on Kashmir issue Khan has agreed. In a program in September, he admitted that Pakistan did not get support from Kashmir from the international community. However, Imran and his ministers continue to fire on Twitter over India and Kashmir.

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