Jail administration's close watch on Nirbhaya's convicts, do not harm yourself anywhere

<pre>Jail administration's close watch on Nirbhaya's convicts, do not harm yourself anywhere

New Delhi. As the day of execution of the culprits of Delhi's Nirbhaya case draws closer, changes are seen in their behavior these days. In such a situation that they do not harm themselves, this task has become the biggest challenge for the jail administration. For this, the jail administration is taking full care. Prisoners are not left alone even in the toilet.

They are being monitored day and night. His cell is being changed again and again. Nirbhaya's culprits are to be hanged on 1 February 2020. So far the prisoners have not told the jail administration their last wish. Meanwhile, the jail administration has sent a letter to the family members of the culprits. It has been written that if I want to meet him for the last time, then contact the jail.

The behavior of the culprits has changed since the date of execution. Mukesh Singh has locked himself in a jail cell. At the same time Vinay Sharma has become aggressive. Vinay is just rutting these days that he should be allowed to meet a friend lodged in jail number 4, due to which he became friends during his stay in captivity. However, the behavior of Pawan Gupta and Akshay Thakur is almost the same. There is no change in Singh's eating habits at the moment.

However, Vinay refuses to eat food and over-spends on violence. On Friday, Mukesh and Vinay's family came to meet him. They had a conversation for about half an hour. Jail officials have said that preparations are on to hang the four on February 1. A doctor is keeping an eye on all four. Their health is being taken full care of.

The biggest challenge for the jail administration is to see that none of the four should harm themselves. Let me tell you that Ram Singh, another convict in this case, has already committed suicide. Then again, for all such things to happen, the four cells are constantly being changed. No one is kept in a room for more than two days. Actually, the administration is afraid that the prisoner can make a plan of suicide by keeping the same place.

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