Japan has the strongest passport in the world, India rises two places

<pre>Japan has the strongest passport in the world, India rises two places

Japan is a country whose citizens can enter 191 countries without visas. This is the reason why this country's passport has been ranked first in the Henley Global Passport Index issued for 107 countries. Citizens of the country are given scores in the index on the basis of permission to enter different countries without visas. India ranks 84th in this index. However, India has risen two places in this ranking compared to last year. This index is released by Henley Partners every year. Learn about the important facts related to it.

India rose two places

1. Indian citizens are allowed to enter without visa in 58 countries.
2. India was ranked 86 in this index last year.
3. Mauritania and Kazakhstan also rank 84th with India in the rankings.
4. Talking about India's neighboring countries, Pakistan ranks 104th in the index, Bangladesh 98th, Sri Lanka 97th, Bhutan 89th and China 71st.

Top 5 countries in the index

Ranking country score
1 Japan 191
2 singapore 190
3 Germany 189
3 South Korea 189
4 Finland 188

Middle East countries have made improvements

According to the report, Middle East countries have improved this ranking due to better policies of trade and tourism. Saudi Arabia rose four places in the index. At the same time, Oman has improved its ranking by three places. Saudi Arabia's ranking is 66 and Oman's 64 in this year's index.

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