Jodhpur AIIMS separates 6-day-old twins linked to heart-liver, country's first case

<pre>Jodhpur AIIMS separates 6-day-old twins linked to heart-liver, country's first case

Jodhpur. Six-day-old children of Baby and Mamta associated with heart and liver were successfully separated on Saturday in AIIMS Jodhpur. This surgery is the second milestone of AIIMS. This is the first such operation in the country, in which six-day-old twins have been separated. The AIIMS administration decided to do this surgery in an emergency, as blood leakage started in the gastrointestinal tract of a child. Apart from this, there were other diseases including heart and lung in children. They could not breathe.

An examination of the children found that there are two different hearts in a single pericardial sac with liver. AIIMS Superintendent and Surgeon Surgeon Dr. According to Arvind Sinha, the health of one of the twins late Friday night had worsened. He was triggered to leak blood in the gastrointestinal tract. Since then it was being monitored. Due to the low weight of children, the danger was high, so in the morning, the doctors of the Newnetal Department were talked about the operation. After his consent, the complication of anesthesia during surgery was also discussed with the Head of the Department of Anesthesia at around 12.30 pm.

He too agreed and immediately decided to do the operation and A&B team was formed. In this, the role was fixed during the operation and thereafter. At around two o'clock, the children were shifted to the committee and surgery started at 3:30. The team came out of OT after successful operation till about seven o'clock. Dr. Sanjeev Mishra, Director, AIIMS Jodhpur, on successful surgery, congratulated the operating team and said that AIIMS Jodhpur is the second medical institute after AIIMS Delhi, which has successfully separated second twin twins.

It is anywhere in the world. The youngest children to be separated are among the first and first in the country. We are happy that the team completed this task in Emergency. It is difficult to give anesthesia to the children of six days. We have completed our work, now the recovery is dependent on God. Everyone should pray We will continue to make such efforts even further.

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