Kamal Nath government's second budget session will be in March

<pre>Kamal Nath government's second budget session will be in March

Bhopal. Discussions are going on for the duration and beginning of the budget session in the state ministry and the assembly to present the second budget of the Kamal Nath government. According to the information received from the government's finance department, the budget session is likely to be held in March-April. Till now the meetings of the budget session have been held in February-March and the budget is passed before 31 March. After the budget session in March-April, the budget will be passed before March 31. Prior to this, the budget session has been held in 2006, 2007 March-April and in 2011 it started in February and went till April. It is said that the proposal has not reached the Legislative Assembly from the Parliamentary Affairs Department for the budget session. There is a discussion that now when the budget session will start only after the Chief Minister returns from Davos and how long its duration will be discussed.

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