Keep login info safe with Google Chrome password manager

<pre>Keep login info safe with Google Chrome password manager

If you are a user of Google Chrome, then Chrome Password Manager will be very useful to keep your credentials and passwords online and secure. Like all other password managers, with its help, you can sign in with a single master password by storing the login information used to access websites and services. Learn how to setup and use Google Chrome's password manager, in these three steps –

Manage Info: After tapping your profile image in the top right of Chrome browser for Mac or Windows PC (passwords) Under your name, in the shape of a key). Now toggle it on or off at the top of the page whether you want to save new passwords on Chrome and sign in on websites automatically. Now click on the show password icon after tapping the name of the website to see the site in saved passwords.

Make Extra Secure: If you want Extra Security, then it is possible for you to see the login info of the site You also have to enter your computer password. Now, to see the login details of a site, click on the More Actions menu (three vertical dots) on the far right. Now you can click on the remove option to delete the site and its credentials from Google's password manager.

To change your password, do this: If you update its password in a website other than Chrome If you want to change it, first go to Google's password manager on your phone or desktop device. Scroll down to the Sites and Apps section and tap the name of the website whose password is to be changed. Now tap the edit button and then click in the password field to edit the password.

Autofill with Chrome like this: First turn on Google Account synchronization. For this, after tapping on the profile in the top right corner, click on Turn on sync. Now, after tapping on the password field in the site for which the password is to be created, tap on the use password. Chrome will autofill your password the next time you login to the website.

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