King Khan Shahrukh's mother-in-law company fined Rs 3.09 crore for violation

<pre>King Khan Shahrukh's mother-in-law company fined Rs 3.09 crore for violation

Mumbai. A heavy fine of Rs 3.09 crore has been imposed on Deja Vu Farms Private Limited for a luxurious bungalow constructed in Thal, Alibaug, for violation of the Bombay Tenancy Act. The director of this company is Savita Chhiba, mother-in-law of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and Namita Chhiba, sister of wife Gauri Khan. The bungalow was built in 2018 and there have been many high-profile Bollywood parties.

Shah Rukh's 52nd birthday was also celebrated here. Spread over 1.3 acres, this farmhouse also has a swimming pool and a helipad. The difficulties of the Deja Vu Company started on 29 January 2018 when a notice was sent to the company. After purchasing the land, permission was taken from the then Collector to cultivate the plot but then a new building was erected in place of the farmhouse which was considered a violation of Section 63 of the Bombay Tenancy Act.

In this case on 20 January 2020 the Collector Issuing the notice, the government asked to pay a fine of Rs 3.09 crore. Transfer of property will be considered valid with the payment of penalty, but action will continue under Maharashtra Land Revenue Code and Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act. Activist Surendra Dhawale, who is running a campaign against the bungalows that violate the rules of the Coastal Regulatory Zone in Alibaug, has said, "Deja Vu took permission from the Additional Collector but did not cultivate." The bungalow was constructed in 2007-08 and they were given notice in 2018. ”

Dhawale said that the directors of the company talked about earning by planting coconut trees on the land. He said, 'Not satisfied with his reply, the Collector fined but there is no provision of fine under Section 84 CC of Bombay Tenancy Act, only the land can be confiscated. I am going to challenge it in the High Court. The bungalow comes under the CRZ notification of the Environmental Protection Act.

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